A couple of months back, I met a man by the name of David Lok. A renowned photographer and founder of Studio DL, a commercial photography studio. A man of marvelous talents, David was the man behind the posters of Sepet, an award winning film directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad. Through his photos, David kindles emotions that warms the hearts of his viewers; a talent that all photographers seek.

Sample of David’s work


“We are in one of the most demanding service industries out there. If we do not feed our souls and our passion to drive forward, we will eventually experience the burnout” – David Lok.

David spoke about finding our drive, resonating the purpose of what we do and finding the fuel to move forward and face the challenges we face. The RESONANCE PROJECT was his fuel. Based on a simple purpose; to resonate the spirit of Kuala Lumpur through photography, David and his team took their talents into the streets of Kuala Lumpur, capturing moments that defines the raw beauty of Kuala Lumpur. The photos taken were displayed in the tunnel of the iconic Masjid Jamek LRT station, awing the eyes of commuters.

“Sometimes we need to do something that brings pure & simple satisfaction to our own selves. Do something that you are passionate about, put your heart into it, and from there, you will find the fuel you need to go forward” – David Lok.

Inspired by the work and passion put in by David, SOCIETY took part in a photo walk in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, guided by David and his team. We wanted to discover something new; a search of a fresh environment to fuel ourselves further.

What we experienced gave us more than just a new environment, it gave us a new perspective, a new appreciation and a feel of fresh enthusiasm. Just by standing in the middle of the morning market in Pudu, we observed the life of the city. Old merchants selling fresh greens, butchers hacking down meat, old aunties and uncles hustling through the crowd in search of fresh produced. Who would have thought that by going back to the very basics of society, we could have learned so much.

It’s ironic to think that we are in a business of linking brands to the common people, using data to find a common ground where brands can communicate their offerings to people. Yet, how little do we know and how little have we experienced the true rhythm that drives societies today. By capturing these moments, we were able to savor all the elements that surrounds us. Digesting them and emulating the elements into a piece of photograph. We learned how to express emotions through photos, and communicate our own individual messages through a form of art.

To elevate this experience further, SOCIETY volunteered to assist David in his upcoming RESONANCE PROJECT – RESONANCE KIDS, an effort to inspire the younger generation to appreciate Kuala Lumpur through the art of capturing moments. We had children from orphanages and underprivileged communities participate in a photowalk around Kuala Lumpur; from the busy market of Pudu to the culturally rich Central Market. Guiding them through the city streets, we were able to see the city through their eyes; innocent, pure and honest. We saw the eagerness to learn and explore, we saw the excitement in the eyes. Somehow, reminding us what drove us into this industry in the first place. The end product was beyond what we could have imagined. The photos taken by the children were spectacular and if we were to ask a random John or Jane, they would have thought that a photographer would have taken those photos.

One of the RESONANCE Kids exploring the city through a lens.

The entire experience was an eye opener. It took us back to the core fundamentals of content creation; honesty and purity. Aligning ourselves with the core elements of SOCIETY – The Human Truth. The journey with David allowed ourselves to be immersed in the true element of a certain society, to truly observe and more importantly experience what is it like to be on the ground with real people and with real interactions. We placed so much focus on status, likes, comments and shares – treating these as social ‘currencies’, but forgetting that these currencies don’t mean anything, unless there is a real truth behind each content that we consume.

SOCiETY Volunteer YY Tan giving some pointers on street photography.

The RESONANCE PROJECT was meant to resonate the city of Kuala Lumpur, to resonate the passion in our younger generations, but it did more than that. It resonated our drive to push the boundaries in what we do. It reminded us of what content should be, to express a message through moments and truth. It resonated our passion again, to strive as one SOCIETY.

Exhibition of work at Masjid Jamek LRT Station

See more at the Gallery


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