Zodiac Marketing? Meet Zodiac Targeting!

Around this time every year, marketers around the world find some way to incorporate the Chinese zodiac into their marketing strategy. From zodiac-inspired runway fashion, backpacks and luxury designer watches to beers, cookies and fine wines, the investment in Zodiac Marketing is here to stay. Recent studies in China conclude however that Zodiac Marketing is proving more difficult for western brands to comprehend, especially since Millennials have grown bored of Zodiac-branded items.

For this Lunar New Year, Society Malaysia has gone a step further and developed a Zodiac Targeting chart for your brand based on the traits of your target audiences – throughout the Year of the Rooster. Using the attributes of the zodiac itself, we’ve designed content targeting tips based on audience characteristics and values. The Cautious Rat for example, would respond more to Insurance ads, while the adventurous Horse would prefer content pertaining to Travel.

 The following is a chart of the different zodiac traits, the corresponding birth years and what values would be important to them.

zodiacmarketing-vertical-2Originally published in The Edge



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