Social Media Marketing: 4 Common Myths Debunked!

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and the best practices that govern “effective” social media marketing are always changing. But one thing remains constant: we must adapt. These days, almost every brand has a presence on social media, yet only a handful of brands do it right. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about social media and how you can avoid them:

Page “likes” determine the value of my brand Facebook page.
While we all know “likes” are no longer relevant, you’d be surprised how many client/agency partnerships still have this as part of their annual social KPI. In fact, most agencies are happy to comply rather than advise against it.  It is a vanity metric that doesn’t serve any real function in a brand’s community. Do not make the grave mistake of optimizing your campaign for metric of no value – you will jeopardize the metrics that truly matter.

A 360 social strategy requires brands to be present on all social networks.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube play very different roles in the social content ecosystem. Instead of managing multiple accounts, spend time on differentiating your platforms with content experiences that bring value to the consumer. It is not wrong to discount certain platforms if it doesn’t speak to your demographic, or serve your overall business objective.

Adopting a paid-only content approach will increase my engagement rate.
There’s an assumption that putting money behind your content generally helps in countering ailing engagement rates. Here’s a reality check: it doesn’t. Money will fix most problems in life but, unfortunately, it will not fix mediocre content. In fact, it does the opposite. It only further exposes how irrelevant and ineffective your content is to a wider audience. The approach taken by most agencies is to split ad spend and production cost by 80/20. When in actual fact, it should be the other way around. We must see value in investing in great (not good) content that is worth your clients’ advertising dollars. The same rule of thumb applies to TVC, print ads – shouldn’t it be the same for social?

An Instagram influencer with over 1 million followers will definitely boost my campaign.
If you’re simply banking on a high follower count to translate into tangible campaign results, you’re making another grave mistake. Study their profile and you will realize patterns – what are the kind of comments received? Do the interactions relate back to corresponding post content? What is the average engagement (likes/comments) on each post? Look beyond follower count and you will be able to make an informed call on whether the influencer is a good fit for your campaign.

Are you guilty of committing any of these mistakes? We are open to hear your thoughts/views further, so please leave a comment below.



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