Get the SCOOP on F8 2017

It’s that time of year where Facebook shares with the world what they have been working on. As you know, there were tons of cool things shared at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference.

Here are some of our key takeaways:

  1. It’s all about your Camera.

    1. All about your mobile camera
    Image source: Facebook Newsroom

    With every new smartphone released, the importance of superior camera capabilities is a huge consideration point for consumers.  We will continue to avidly share photos and videos with their friends.  From games to photo filters, Facebook is prioritizing Augmented Reality and want you to experience the world in a whole new way, through your phone lenses.

  1. AR in the palm of your hands

    2. AR in the palm of your hands
    Image source: Tech Crunch

    With Camera Effects, the platform enables developers to more easily create AR content. Imagine one day being able to leave virtual graffiti on a street, or even leaving a virtual note for a friend, all seen through your mobile phone.

  1. UGC – Filters
    3. UGC Filters
    Image source: Wired

    Continuing the release of more Snapchat-ish features, Frame Studio enables you to create your own 2D filters, with no coding required.  By making it more accessible, it enables and encourages audiences and brands alike, to create more original content.

  1. Socializing, the VR way

    4. Socializing the VR way
    Image source: Facebook Newsroom

    Carrying on from Oculus, Facebook revealed enhanced efforts with Facebook Spaces, a beta social VR app that lets you hang out with friends in an interactive virtual environment inside your headset (kinda in an avatar-like setting).

  1. Rise of the Bots
    5. Rise of the bots

    Image source: Tech Crunch

    Developers no longer have to worry about users not being able to find their bots.  Facebook is enhancing the discovery of bots through a discovery tab in Messenger that will reflect bots you recently interacted with, and even help you find the right bots for your needs by allowing you to browse bot categories, see trending experiences or search for bots.

  1. Chat through Music and Games.
    6. Chat through Music and Games
    Image source: Tech Crunch

    Facebook doesn’t want you going anywhere else with the integration of games and music into Messenger.  Imagine sharing your favourite song on Spotify or even playing a game with your friend, all within the same chat window.  Imagine this enabled in group chats. The possibilities are endless.

  1. I’m working on Facebook. Really.
    7. Facebook Workplace

    Image source: Facebook Newsroom

    Following the launch of Workplace last October, Facebook has further enhanced its business offering by adding on features making it more convenient and secure for work purposes.  The enhancements include chat bots, and integration of file sharing and compliance tools.  Work-life balance on Facebook?

Looking forward to exploring the latest developments from Facebook? Stay tuned to us or reach out to for ways these could work for your brand!



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