The Coming Age of Ballsy Ads

I’m pretty sure most of us have been impacted by the craft of advertisement produced by Thai agencies. They’ve got pathos, injustice, plot twists and moments of grace. They go all out just to make you sit and watch them sell a product or a brand – using elements of shock. These commercials are a mix of quality productions as well as focused, objective storytelling. The people behind these productions dedicate their creativity, knowledge, skills and talents just to make sure you remember what they did. Even before Facebook became the number one social media platform in which to share viral content, Thai ads were flooding in via forwarded emails of YouTube uploads. They set a benchmark that impacted the entire advertising industry, simply by being bold and courageous in their production execution. ‘Ballsy’ is the word I would use to describe Thai ads.

Let’s take a look at some gems:

Remember these?

Why don’t we cast our net a little bit further – at Japan! The Japanese are famed for integrating design, fashion, invention and language in producing something that everyone wants to watch ie. funny commercials!

Brands run successful campaigns and produce great ads, yes. But how do people remember these ads and campaigns? By the means of that universal language: Music.

Desensitization of short videos

I remember back in the day a simple 20-minute video was considered long and draggy. And now, our short attention span is getting even shorter. A 15-seconder is common today, but we are all gearing up for onslaught of the 6-seconder zone. And yes, in order to tell a good story, you have to be ballsy.

Here’s more examples of ballsy commercials:

So, How Do They Do It?

Everyone needs to understand the process of video production. It all boils down to open-mindedness in trying new ways to market product values through social media video content. And remember, budget determines production value.  Good ads are plentiful, but great ads are rare. And all great ads have underlying messages. So, what’s the message you want to convey?

Pre-Production : This is where ideas are crafted and perfected before going into an execution phase. It is in pre-production that we work collectively towards an objective, bouncing off creative ideas whilst finalizing a script and storyboard.

Production : When a storyboard and script is in hand,  the director and their crew execute it creatively, according to the storyboards. A big bulk of the budget goes towards production costs such as location sets, hiring crew, talents, producer/director and advance production equipment.

Post-Production : Magic happens during the process of editing. Call it beautification, call it handcrafting. Video editing is a marriage of art, audio and visual effects. Editing is an essential part of film making, more than just sticking scenes together. It is a vivid language, a discipline, an art. This is where an editor composes his tune to the script based on emotions and feeling.


The Power of Key Opinion Leaders

Productions also leverage on the use of influencers in outputs where applicable. For example, Key Opinion Leaders or influencers with big followings are great add-ons for boosting the marketing value of any product/service. In my opinion, getting influencers on-board as talents make a production *that much more* shareable on social media platforms.

Image result for influencer marketing
Going Against The Grain

There is a great demand for innovative ads and people are hungry for more. Welcome to the age of information and curiosity. It is relentlessly crying out for content that touches the human soul. What say you that we create a new language for social media videos with a formula of boldness and trust in creative writing and production? Brands may leave a legacy in the timeline of human history.

Remember that trends come and go, but legacy lives forever.  Ballsy enough to try? Give us a call.



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