Le ECD Review: Mothers Day Likes & Dislikes

Mother’s Day came and went – and we wanted to see which film made an impression on Mum (and on social media.)


This went sour quickly as Skittles had to remove it because it made many people uncomfortable. But I like it. It’s very erm, un-Mother’s Day… because it lives up to the Skittles brand essence of fun and irreverence and besides, not many brands can get away with something like this. (Although this time, they didn’t.)

That’s a half Like because it left a bad taste in many viewers’ mouth.



Lazada went ‘viral’ with their tribute to mothers – a sales pitch to tell all of us kids to show our appreciation to her by buying an online gift. It’s crass but hey, it’s gotten over 324,000 views, 4,400 reactions, 3,029 shares and 910 comments according to Lazada.
A Dislike from me but then again, I’m not in the millennial age group.



Closer to home, a cute film about how much time we spend commuting with Mum and how as passengers and riders, we tend to ‘drive’ her mad.

Execution could be better but it’s a win for Grab.



Maxis hits a home run with this provocative ode to a mum’s love and intuition.

3A big Like from me…  high production quality and well-directed and yes, I would share it.
Over here at Society, we also did a couple of films to honour the queens of our heart. Check them out below:

Nestlé Drumstick




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