The Art of Digital Content Marketing Today: Social Media

The digital space with its many assets and different user journeys can be daunting, and also a cause for headaches with brands and marketeers. Let’s take a quick look at Social Media and its role within the Digital Space.

Yes, Yes it is.

There’s a reason why brands have started investing into Social Media, not just because everyone’s on it, but because of the amount of time they spend on it as well. Social media is seen as an additional platform for brands to reach out to their target audience, although brands should keep one thing in mind:

What exactly do you want your target audience to see?

Social Media isn’t as simple as putting out a flyer. Aside from the creative execution put into it, a sound strategy is needed. And not just any strategy, mind you, it has to be a unique strategy, catered specifically to the brand’s needs and persona.

Better to not do it at all, if you’re not doing it right.


Build your Social Assets as if you were writing a book

Gone were the days where brand pages on Facebook posted 7-14 posts a week. With social media algorithms in place, brands are forced to focus more on quality than quantity (not discounting the media push behind it). Now this is where your strategy takes place! Here are some quick pointers to ask yourself when developing your strategy:

  • Define the Hero of the story
    • What does my Hero (brand) stand for?
      • Will my target audience resonate to the values of my Hero?
    • How do we tell the story of my Hero?
      • Best platform to showcase products or where your target audience is spending time at
      • My Hero’s voice, persona and looks
    • Chapters of my Hero’s story (Content)
      • How do I plan it out for the year
      • Are there any big events in the Hero’s story? (campaigns)

Social Media isn’t just a platform for Discovery, it’s a platform for storytelling

If only it was that simple!

The type of content you put out will be crucial on how your target audience sees and perceives your brand to be. Thus, prior preparation is critical. This is where data comes in and plays a critical role.

For example, our data division, Society D.I.S & D.A.T gathers and pulls out data on the types of conversation revolving around your brand. This data also helps you understand the sentiments or passion index surrounding your brand.

It is this vital information that identifies your next course of action; namely what are the gaps and the type of content buckets we need to help create the brand story. The type of content buckets may vary from brand to brand, but it is advisable to find the perfect balance.

Every Hero may need a sidekick(s)

Where the sidekicks at?

Like Batman and Robin, your brand may require a sidekick(s), or in this case, influencers. Whether if it’s for attending events, providing shoutouts or even product reviews, influencers can play a key role in reaching out to your target audience who are not engaging with your brand directly.

Our team at Society+ caters and strategises to your brand’s needs in mapping out the best influencer profiles, as well as campaign executions.

Lastly, always have a sequel to your Hero’s story on Social

Just like every good story (yay Harry Potter!), plan for the years ahead instead of just 1. Have a roadmap ready to plot out your Hero’s story. Or better yet, drop us an e-mail and we’ll happily be your brand’s sidekick in creating some awesome content and digital marketing strategies.



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