My Internship with Society

Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. This routine has been repeating itself every weekday since I started my internship here in IPG, which sadly is ending real soon.

But I wish my routine is as simple as that. Let me fill you in with the deets in case you’re dying to know how amazing my days are. 😉

So, in the morning, after I wake up and get ready, I wake my brother up, or tell him his alarm is going off and it’s driving me crazy while he’s still fully asleep. But in return, he drives me to work.

I get to Society and I put on my jacket because only God knows why I can’t stand the cold here but almost everyone around me looks fine. And 10 minutes after that, I make myself into a human burrito with my blanket. When it’s 12pm, we’d go out for lunch. I’ve been introduced to more new places around this area within a month, than I have ever had since I moved to PJ 2 years ago. Thank you everyone in Society for having such good taste in food and bringing me along with y’all to lunch :’)

Me pretending to be busy

As an intern, I will admit that there are times where I do not have any task at hand and would kill time by watching YouTube videos for inspiration. But most days I will have something to occupy myself with, even though it may be some minor task, I feel accomplished and productive because at least I did something. Whenever I get to be a part of a discussion or brainstorming session, I get really pumped because I’m an intern, and I get to contribute something, maybe.

Me getting some time at the clients office.

Outside of my day – to – day chores of crafting tweets and identifying trending topics, I also had the opportunity to take part in Society’s Puasa Bersama where we helped clean and restore an orphanage in Keramat.

Before applying for an internship, I was haunted by stories of interns being asked to fetch coffee for bosses, and doing things that generally wouldn’t enrich a person’s experience. But that isn’t even nearly the case here in Society. The warm and friendly team is like a family, and helped me through my internship with such ease and comfort.

photo_2017-08-09_17-49-38 (2)
The team sure loves their Nasi Lemak

Overall, it’s pretty great here, the people around me make it even more fun and enjoyable. I’ve realised that although I didn’t really process the things I’ve done or lessons I’ve learnt on a day-to-day basis, but now that I have come to the end of this internship, i feel that my short stint here has been so worth it and fulfilling.



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