Goodbye (and good riddance) to these 17 ad formats!

In efforts to improve the usability and functions of ads on Facebook, they recently announced its plan to remove 17 previously available ad formats below:

  • Boosting share of products from shops
  • Boosting the share of a story about a for-sale post
  • Boosting a check-in on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city
  • Boosting the share of a note
  • Boosting the share of a poll
  • Boosting place recommendations
  • Boosting the share of cultural moments
  • Boosting the share of comments
  • Boosting change of a Profile picture
  • Boosting a file upload or share
  • Boosting a sports event
  • Boosting of a video or image uploaded through the Facebook camera
  • Boosting of attendance for an event
  • Boosting the share of a video playlist
  • Boosting the status of watching a television show, movie, or other types of programming
  • Boosting a post from an app posted to a Page’s timeline
  • Boosting a political endorsement

Spot any familiar formats that you might have used for your brand? Chances are; not really. These formats focused on status updates; and they were probably launched during the earlier days when the platform just found its way monetizing Facebook and aimed to offer a wide array of selection to its clients and advertisers.

We know that it’s about a decade since the implementation of Facebook ads function, and it is common for Facebook to constantly review and learn from the ads’ effectiveness through beta tests with brand owners and advertisers. It’s about time to move on and eliminate these ad formats as we see Facebook constantly emphasized on the importance of targeting audience through storytelling. The removal would be more in-aligned to their storytelling-strategy, and gradually focus on more new and exciting formats that encourages advertisers to reach audiences more effectively.

Our say? Good move, Facebook! Cheers to stronger reason to sell stories to audience and enhanced audience experience. Now let’s stay put and see what Facebook has gotten up in their sleeves for us next.


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