Playing the Memory Game

By now we’re sure most have seen IKEA’s amazing video, where ‘two-time world memory champion’ Yanjaa Wintersoul, learned every detail of the 2018 catalogue.

Ikea’s video of Yanjaa has over 225K views on Facebook alone, with her FB LIVE event happening today (6 Sept) set to bring in more eyeballs.

This is the latest campaign from Ikea to demonstrate the brand’s mastery at using unexpected marketing methods to gain attention. Other recent stunts have included the brand’s response to Balenciaga’s ‘homage’ to its blue shopping bag, spoof instructions for creating a Game of Thrones’ cape with an Ikea rug, and the time the brand renamed its products after common Google searches. All incredibly memorable campaigns from the brand.

Advertising creates memories, and these memories create long-term value that helps distinguish it from other types of marketing. The branded memory is the sum total of the ideas, images and emotions associated with a particular product. Brand messages that portray emotions or actions trigger the memory of a feeling or of an action on the part of the consumer.

When the viewer sees a Burger King burger being consumed it is as if he/she enjoyed that meal. Ad researchers call that “virtual consumption.”

Like when Audi shows the thrill of revving the engine, the consumer experiences the car’s acceleration. The mind stores these false memories along with real ones to create a robust branded memory. A warm-and-fuzzy hug from the Softlan bear conjures up feelings of softness and love, now associated with soft clothes.

Now the all-time best example of a memory trigger in Advertising would be Coca-Cola’s fizz in a glass.

Just looking at this photo, you can almost hear the fizzing.

Now YOU are craving a coke. Contact us or talk to your Society Team on how we can make some memories together.




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